Jodi Sherrell

Jodi has known she wanted to work in the Architecture field since she was a young girl. She began drafting in high school, and her lofty aspirations led her to the construction industry. Working as a plumber and volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, she gained valuable insight into the construction process. Her experience in the field cultivated a deep respect and thorough understanding of the pragmatic aspects of building design. Speed, efficiency, and communication skills have made her a valuable team member. Jodi has nearly 20 years of experience working on a variety of project types including Retail, Office, and Industrial. Her expert-level facility with Autodesk software won her the “Top DAWG” award at the 2010 AUGI CAD Camp in Dallas. Her breadth of knowledge has helped her streamline production and make meaningful and far-reaching contributions to the Azimuth Architecture team.