Pine Creek Medical Center
52,000 Square Foot, 18-Bed New Construction Hospital (Expanded 2008)
Pine Creek Medical Center’s interior design palette is based upon a stylized lodge featuring warm woods, natural stone, cool metals, and upholstery in blues and browns.
Comfortable leather and upholstered seating, wood-veneered walls, stone fireplace and
art niches with black and white photography depicting the rings of a tree and other
forest images further illustrate the “modern lodge” concept.Consistent use of natural
materials and finishes carry the theme through from the exterior to the interior.
The Entry Rotunda, which includes patient and family waiting, serves as the focal point
and core of the hospital. From a single, central registration point, patients are directed
easily to the different “rings” of the facility—Imaging, Administrative, Surgery,
Rehabilitation, Lab, Pharmacy, and Nursing Areas. A large skylight in the circular
rotunda, with wood beams and a large, custom iron chandelier, spills in natural light.
Program includes:
· 18 Patient Suites (Expandable to 34)
· Emergency Department
· Large Surgical Suite
· Pharmacy / Lab
· Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation
· Diagnostic / Imaging Department
· Café on Pine Creek