AZIMUTH : interior design
An intelligent and imaginative Class A design will raise your facility's
profile in the market. Our architects and designers will guide your team
from planning through three-dimensional design and finish selections that
will not only enhance the overall building, but also provide durability and
ease of use and maintenance. Our designers partner energetic design
with common sense and an attention to your budget and timeframe.
The Interior Design Studio offers services that encompass everything from
strategic Programming and Planning studies to the artwork providing the
finishing touches to the completed interior space. We offer our clients the
breadth and depth of our expertise in Interior Design enhanced by our
full-scope architectural design knowledge and experience.
Our interior design services include:
· Conceptual Design
· Space Planning
· Lighting Design
· Finish Selection
· Furniture and Accessories Selection
· Building & Corporate Standards
· Restack Plans / Reorganization
· Remodel & Interior Upgrades