UT Southwestern Moncrief Cancer Center
11,000 s.f. Oncology Center
The U.T Southwestern Moncrief Cancer Center, located in the Cityview II Physician
Office Building
, combines the latest technologies with a patient-sensitive environment.
The principle design challenge was to create a functional, yet comforting treatment
environment. Special attention was given to placement and use of architectural elements
and finish materials to be sensitive to patientsí comfort level. Soft lighting, small-scale
pattern, and a calming color palette provide a gentle environment for patients experiencing
cancer symptoms. Large arcs and asymmetrical pattern accents anchor the space
and provide wayfinding for patients. The plan eases patient flow through the Center
from central exam rooms to either the medical or radiation therapy modalities. With the
strategic locations of the Dosimetry and PET CT Suite, patients move from examination
to diagnostic and evaluation and on to treatment with enhanced privacy and comfort levels.
Program includes:
· PET CT Scan Suite
· Two Patient Injection Rooms & Hot Lab
· Linear Accelerator
· Six Medical Oncology Bays
· Centralized Nurse Station
· Dosimetry Planning Area
· Separate Waiting & Subwaiting Areas
· Four Patient Exam Rooms
· Lab Services
· Private Changing Bays
· Physician and Physicist Offices