Las Colinas Medical Center Cath Lab
3,075 s.f. Diagnostic Catheterization / Specials Lab Addition
Las Colinas Medical Center challenged azimuth : architecture, inc. to expand the
Catheterization / Special Diagnostic Services to the existing Imaging Suite, while staying
consistent with the existing building standards and systems. Azimuth’s architects and
designers worked closely with equipment vendors to design a home for the advanced,
all-digital, cardiac imaging system. The Interior Design Studio built on the existing palette
of Las Colinas Medical Center to create a fresh look for this specialized addition. The
designers combined code-directed and easy-to-maintain finishes in a new way to create
a bright, clean environment. A separate viewing area was created for physicians to see
realtime, detailed images, enabling them to make diagnoses and therapeutic decisions with ease. Images are networked and archived electronically in the Media Storage
Area. Aggressive planning and schedule management during construction allowed the
adjacent MRI Suite to continue operation with no interruption of services.
Program includes:
· Catheterization Lab with Innova 2000 Cardiovascular Imaging System
· “Specials” Angiography Lab
· Media Storage / Viewing Area
· Pre-Op / Patient Holding Area