Integra Hospital - Plano
93,000 SF New Construction Hospital
Azimuth : Architecture, Inc.’s design stimulates its users and fosters rehabilitation. Our
designers capitalized on the latest healthcare models and products while remaining
anchored to timeless practices. Openings cut into the structure to accommodate
three interior courtyards—an outdoor dining area; a landscaped, meditation area with
water feature; and a rehabilitation courtyard with varied patient exercise surfaces.
These openings also created exterior light through windows for the 60 rehabilitation
private patient rooms and the 12 Skilled Nursing Unit private patient rooms.
Azimuth recaptured the ‘hospitable’ part of a ‘hospital’ by introducing residential
concepts in the patient rooms and ‘living’ areas. The rotunda waiting area, located
directly off the hospital entrance, is open and light with its impressive, 18-foot lighted
dome. The rotunda's wood panels wrap through the main east/west public corridor
leading visitors to an upscale dining facility and one of the three, large exterior
courtyards. Color and spatial landmarking guide visitors through the 93,000 SF space.
Patients have access to two large gymnasiums, treadmill therapy pool, and ADL
(Activities of Daily Living) apartment. Adjacent and accessible to the Outpatient entry,
the state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging center provides MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray and
Fluoroscopy to benchmark and track patient progress.